Is your dog easily distracted? Do you struggle on walks, in your yard, in your own house to keep your dog’s attention? Look no further, because this is the course for you! Join a team of certified dog trainers from The Dog Den while they lead you through several exercises and games that will have your dog focusing on you in no time! These instructors each bring a unique style to their favorite impulse control, attention, and bonding exercises. This course will give you a great foundation that you can take on road – the instructors even show you how they use these exercises in the real world with their own dogs! 

This course is for any dog that needs a little help with focusing! 

This course is brought to you by the talented instructors of The Dog Den and The Puppy Den

Name: Clarinda

Certifications: KPA-CTP

Joined the Team: 2019

Why you chose to work with dogs: I choose to work with dogs because dogs choose to work with us; they are generous with people, and patient with us as we learn.

Favorite part of the job: Watching dogs and their people learn to communicate more clearly with each other is really rewarding. I'm honored when I get to help with that relationship.

If you could be any dog breed who/what would you be: I would probably be a mixed breed: a collie for their love of learning, a spaniel for their love of mucking in marshes, and an Irish Wolfhound for their supreme talent at lounging by a roaring fire.

Name: Deb

Certifications: CPACM, CPACP, CPDT-KA, CGC and Puppy Star Evaluator, CVT, Completion of Knowing Dogs 101 & 201, Pet First Aid Certified

Joined the team:2008

Why you chose to work with dogs: I came to the Dog Den as a client. I had a reactive dog that I needed help with. I had no idea at the time that this experience was going to change my life. Working with dogs turned out to be a dream come true, especially since I have loved animals my whole life. 

Favorite Part of your job: My favorite part of working at The Dog Den is basically, everything. From helping clients and dogs create bonds and setting up training plans for them, to just cuddle time while working with the pack. The educational opportunities that are provided are exceptional. This allows for all of me to be a creative thinker to help all the dogs in my, care to live out theirs lives in a carefree manner whether they are here with us or at home with their families.

If you could be any dog breed who/what would you be: I am asked quite frequently which breed I would be if I was a dog. Honestly, I love all the breeds and would have a hard time picking just one. However, I can see the clown side of a Weimariner in all of us.

Name: Lauryn

Certifications: CPDT-KA, CGC and Star Puppy Evaluator, CPACP, Completion of The Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 & 201

Joined the team: 9/2012

Why you chose to work with dogs: I started working at The Dog Den as a part time job while doing my undergrad at UW Madison and quickly fell in love with the animal training and behavior world. Once I graduated I stuck around, and have never looked back!

Favorite Part of your Job: My favorite part of this job is how I've been able to make a career doing what I love. I never have the same day twice, and there truly isn't anything better than unlimited puppy kisses every single day! My passion is working with our puppies at The Puppy Den in both classes and daycare, and being a part of helping them grow into truly wonderful dogs.

If you could be any dog breed who/what would you be: I would be an Australian Shepherd that didn't read the chapter in the manual about being hyper. More specifically, I would be my dog, Comet: a people-pleaser, up for a good adventure, but a couch potato at heart, and loyal and full of love to those closest to him. I guess we are a pretty good match for one another.

Name: Leigh 

Certifications: CPDT-KA, CPACP, Pet First Aid (though I don’t know if we want that one listed?)

Joined the Team: October 2015

Why you Chose to Work with dogs: Bonding and communicating with another species is heartwarming and beautiful. 

Favorite part of the job: My favorite part of being a dog trainer is helping people and their dogs form bonds and learn together.

Name: Steph

Certifications: CPDT-KSA, CGC and Star Puppy Evaluator, CPACP, Completion of The Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 & 201, Pet First Aid Certified

Joined the team: 4/2014

Why you chose to work with dogs: I started at The Dog Den as a client with my then baby Great Dane, Bane. I made it through one All Star class and decided that training and being with dogs is what I needed to do for the rest of my life. The energy and love the staff had for each one of the dogs in my class was palpable and it is my goal to provide the same kind of energy and love now that I am an employee!

Favorite part of your job:My favorite part of the job is working with the puppies at The Puppy Den. If you are ever within 5 square miles of Watson and Syene and hear a high-pitch squeal it is probably just me melting with joy (or trying to get a pack of puppies outside). In all seriousness, I love spending time with the little, moldable puppies and watching them grow and figure out life.

If you could be any dog breed who/what would you be: If I were a dog, I would be…a great dane. Not just any great dane though, my great dane Brucey. To be able to experience life with as much love and joy as he does would make me the happiest version of myself. Anything else you want to

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